Friday, January 23

Christmas 2014

A little late with these, but I wanted to share some snaps from Christmas 2014. We had a lovely Christmas break before January kicked us in the nuts, and I treasure the memories of our first Christmas celebrating with Lola, and having a full house for Friendsmas. I cooked so much, and had so much fun!

These first two pics are from Christmas day at my in-laws house. They just had their fireplace services so we were able to have a beautiful fire! I was in charge of the stuffing for Christmas dinner and hey, it was kinda gorge.

 A couple of snaps from our place and my Christmas decor. Nothing really new here, I DIY'd the tassel garland and matching tassels on the little tree a couple years ago and I still love them still. I also used a DIY to sew the stockings for myself and Nick from thrift shop sweaters the same year. They're holding up really well! Tommy and Lola's stockings are just from the pet store. I couldn't resist the dog stocking with the little silhouette that looks just like Lola. Most of our other holiday decor is from the thrift store.

 And lastly, Friendsmas! This was our second annual Friendsmas hosted at this house and our table was a little more full this year with the addition of new boyfriend and all around good guy Michael. We think he's pretty cool so we'll let him stay. Lola decided to get into the group photo too. ;)

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