Monday, January 5

A Year in Outfits: 2014

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Welcome to my favorite post of the year, where we compare an entire years worth of outfit posts and contemplate what I've learned both from blogging outfits, and from cultivating outfits. What a crazy year this has been!
The first half of the year I was noticeably better at keeping up with outfit posts. February was my most active month, with lots of outfits to choose from. I think my favorite though is my May outfit! To think those photos were taken at the dog park!
And December
The latter half of the year was busier for my personal life for sure, I was married in July so my July outfit is one I wore to my rehearsal! My August outfit is from my honeymoon and it's definitely my fav. Super simple and comfy but pretty stylish if I do say so myself. September marked another hair chop and man, did I feel better after that. I had been growing my hair long for the wedding and it was incredibly damaged. I actually just had another hair chop last night and took even more off because it was still damaged. Oh well!

Last year I wrote that: "In 2014 I want to make smarter shopping choices, continue building my photography skills, make a space inside for deep winter outfit shots, and take lots and lots of outfit shots outside. It's my big resolution this year to spend more time outdoors and I just need to remember to take my camera with me"

I think that, although I failed to keep up with my outfit posts in the fall and Winter, I accomplished my goal of taking more outfit pics outside than in. I definitely got out of the house more, both to the dog park and beyond. I think the big reason I don't have many outfits to show for the last couple months is that we've reverted to old insular habits and spent most of our nights watching netflix or playing video games inside. It's hard not to do in the winter!

I do feel as though my photography skills are improving, and I managed to only lose my camera remote once this year. I failed to set up a winter outfit spot inside, but I would still like to do that. Hopefully this year I can get my den/craft space organized enough to follow through on this goal. 

In 2015 I want to be better about taking  outfit photos on the regular, I'm going to try and commit to two a month. A tiny goal in comparison to what I was posting a couple years ago, but my blog has evolved along with my lifestyle and I don't mind. I do want to keep outfit posts a part of this space.

In 2015 I want to share my capsule wardrobe and my closet/wardrobe makeover. This goes along with my bedroom makeover, which I also want to share! I really have been more deliberate with the items I purchase for my wardrobe, which has been great, but I've also been very bad with my spending this year and that has to stop. Starting in the new year Nick and I are going to be on a budget for the first time ever and I would like to start sharing my monthly purchases in this space so I can hold myself accountable for spending a certain amount, and only buying great stuff!

In 2015 I want to document more life stuff with my DSLR and less with my phone, and continue getting out of the  house (in the summer especially, haha).

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