Thursday, December 4

The Very Best Bagels

... and why I will never buy bagels in the store again.

Turns out, they're not that difficult to make, and they are even more delicious then you ever imagined a bagel could be.

Thursday/Friday in Edmonton brought our first Snowpocalypse of the year. We got about ten inches of snow and it was nasty. A little insane. Nick and I decided to take a vacation day Friday and hibernate instead of venturing out into the blizzard. We were ever so glad we did. The only downside is that I hadn't been grocery shopping in awhile and we were running low on food. We were out of milk, eggs, the blueberry muffins I made earlier in the week, Friday morning it seemed like no one was going to get any breakfast at all. Nick sleeps on days off until about eleven, so I had some time. I borrowed a couple of eggs from my sister to make bagels. I had a recipe that seemed pretty simple and now, I had every ingredient required. I had made bagels once before, but it was a more complicated, fussy recipe with granola and flavoring and blueberries, and they didn't turn out nearly as tasty as these plain, sesame seed bagels.
I used this recipe for Montreal Style Bagels from

I think the trick is the maple syrup in the dough, and the honey in the water they're boiled in. They had just a subtle, rich sweetness that I could not get enough of. We gave a few to my sister and I regretted it all weekend. When I saw her later, she too waxed poetic about them saying "they weren't bagels, they were angel buns". She's an odd one, but she's right.

All in all, they only took a couple hours and required very little work thanks to my stand mixer. I cannot recommend them enough.



  2. I think I need to taste test these before I agree or disagree.


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