Thursday, August 14

Little Lola (9) - Happy Birthday

It's been an eventful couple of years for our family; moving houses, renovations, Lolas addition to our lives and getting married, but my favorite of all the changes has been this extra little life that makes our family feel complete (for now). Lola and her sister Molly had their first birthday last Tuesday while we were in PEI, and I can hardly believe my little pup is growing up so fast.

It's cliche, or maybe it's just cliche when we're talking about kids, but she's both changed so much and stayed so much the same. Wow, that face has sure changed but look at those raised ears, listening for a command or question? The same. The same white heart on her forehead that strangers always remark upon seeing, the same attentive stare, the same puppy eyes. But those long legs! That confidence that allows her to make new friends and to play so freely with her cat sibling and puppy sibling. She hasn't always been so confident! We worked hard for that.

She is such a good girl, sits so well and downs at a distance. She recently overcame her fear of putting her face in the water, and she's learning to swim! She'll play fetch until she falls asleep with the ball under her chin. She always has a huge smile on her face and when describing her personality our friends say Lola is just 'happy'. She's confident enough to run after her sister at the park, but she knows not to go too far or be away too long. She listens to 'come', and understands house boundaries. When I don't want her to follow me into a room, all I use is one upraised index finger. I'm terribly proud of her, and I know that as we continue our training and work that pride will only grow.

We love her so much.

This next year of her little life we're going to try and expose her to so many new things! New parks, new friends, new dogs. We want to try taking her to my parents cabin  next weekend, maybe next summer we'll try camping! I want to take her swimming and expose her to new animals (my sister has a bunny who could probably beat Lola up). There are so many new experiences to have with a pup in tow, and I can't wait to continue this adventure.

Happy Birthday Lola!

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