Wednesday, June 4

Wantable Makeup Box: May 2014

I'm super happy and excited about the contents of this Wantable Makeup box which I received for free, having won the Girl Meets Box Wantable giveaway.Wantable has a super cool system for giving away boxes which couldn't have made redeeming any more easy. I was super pleased, and even more so when it arrived.

The best item from the bunch, I think, is this NCLA  JetSetter nail polish! I love the colour, it dries super fast, it's long lasting, and it's a little edgy and fun for summer. I've been wearing it on my fingers and toes since receiving it and it's awesome.
Next up an eyeshadow trio from Vincent Longo. I love the colours and was immediately excited since I'm looking for new makeup products in these tones for my wedding, but upon trying the shadows I found the pigmentation to be lacking and they weren't very blendable.
Sadly, my Mirabella Highlighter compact was completely pulverized. I was super sad about this because I'm also looking for a highlighter for the wedding makeup. I did manage to put this back together using rubbing alcohol, so that's good, but upon trying it, it turned out to be too sparkly for my taste.
Lastly, this (Pla)Beauty (is that a name? wha...) Superwear Gel Liner is kinda awesome. It looks like a small crayon tip and goes on like a regular pencil liner, but once it's on it's like having an eye liner tattoo. On one hand, you can't really smudge it or blend it if you want a softer line, but on the other hand it stays and stays and stays. I think it's great. 
Overall a very nice box. I greatly prefer receiving the full sized products rather then samples or even 'deluxe samples'. I would prefer if proper hygienic store packaging were present for each product.

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