Tuesday, June 24

Things About Me

I don't really do selfies...
1. I'm 5 foot 4 and wear a size 8 shoe.
2. I love photography, am learning and feel pretty comfortable with my DSLR these days, but have yet to master the mirror selfie. It's bizarre. I'm looking the wrong way all the time and how the heck do you hold the camera/phone so you can actually see yourself?
3. After my family cat passed away when I was in elementary school, we ended up rescuing a kitten from an abusive home. We changed her name from cookie to Mischief. She's the best cat, really sweet. She's had diabetes for about five years now, but remains the sweetest thing. If only I had known how mischievous cats could be we would have named her something else. Haha, Tommy is the real mischievous cat in the family.
4. My father wanted to name her Indiana Jones.
Little Mischief under the Christmas tree. 
5. I always had cats growing up and never had a family member with a dog so I assumed I was a cat person, in fact I thought for a long time that I was scared of dogs just because I had never been exposed to them! When I met Nick he very much wanted a dog so I had to change my mindset and realize that there was no reason to be afraid of something just because I didn't have any experience with it. Now I know the truth. I'm totally a dog person! ;)
6. I've seen every episode of Star Trek Voyager at least twice.
7. Same thing with Third Rock From The Sun! I watched it every day after school as a kid and then as a teenager we bought all the DVD box sets and watched them as a family. It was way more fun when I was older!
8. Before blogger I was very very active on LiveJournal. All through high school and College I was on LiveJournal for hours every day! I learned all of my photo editing skills through icon making! 
9. The first blog I discovered was Delightfully Tacky! I'm obsessed with Elizabeth's hair!
My current obsession seems to be with this little one.
10. I don't really have a favorite show, band or artist at the moment. I'm chronically obsessive, when I like something I LOVE it to the point of being horribly annoying and absorbed. I guess I'm obsessing over Lola right now. 
11. Previous obsessions include: Lord of the Rings, Xena Warrior Princess, Orlando Bloom, LiveJournal, Firefly. 
12. Speaking of these things, between the two of us Nick and I have four copies of Serenity, three copies of the Firefly box set, and three copies of each of the Lord of the Rings films. When we combined DVD collections I knew he was the one. 
13.  Before Nick and I said the 'L' word we would just say 'Rawr' 'cause Rawr means I love you in dinosaur.
14. I have never owned an Apple product. I was the only person in Canada to purchase a Microsoft Zune. Probably. I remember I saved up and saved up and purchased one and a week later they pulled it out of Canada.
15. Nicks top baby name for a girl is Kathrine, and mine is Isla. Nobody better steal that now you guys. 
16. My favorite girl name used to be Sadie and then my cousin stole it so.... I'm paranoid. ;)
17. I love love love to bake and cook for other people but when it's just me I make Kraft Dinner. I just can't be bothered unless there's praise attached... 
18. I am fortunate enough to have a great friend who basically has the soul of a nomad. I was lucky that she chose me to be her travel partner and the two of us visited Greece, Italy, Albania, France, Wales, and England. 
19. I fell in love with Nick while I was in Paris. We had just started seeing each other the day before I left for three weeks and in Paris I was suddenly home sick. We started these long email conversations and despite the time difference he would send me emails back almost immediately, I would get them timestamped 3AM and be like what are you still doing awake? It's hard to be in such a romantic place without your sweet heart!
20. I bought a vintage polaroid camera from Goodwill once and ordered film from the impossible project to test it out. I still have all of that film in my refrigerator because I'm afraid of wasting it on a camera that doesn't work. One day I will be brave and try!

21. (BONUS) My favorite band of all time is Queen. I fell in love with them in Junior High and it might have had something to do with Brian Mays genius 'fro.  Turns out he's also a super awesome guy. He crafted his own guitar, the red special, and is also an astrophysicist. The sounds he gets out of his guitar basically rock my world. I feel incredibly lucky to be seeing surviving Queen members Brian and Roger live in concert TONIGHT! WHOA!

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