Thursday, June 5

Meow Box: May 2014

Meowbox is hands down the most difficult subscription box to photograph because Tommy won't stay out of it! I don't know if they line their boxes with catnip or if he could smell the surprise inside, but he knows immediately when the meowbox enters the house and he is up. in. there. I had to move him to a separate room just to take pictures of the boxes contents.
Your cat on MeowBox.
The first few things I pulled out of the box were food samples. I'm not always thrilled about receiving these because I'm not sure when to use them. Do I just fill his regular food bowl with some of these samples and see what happens? How do I know if he prefers it or his other food? He can't exactly regal me with tasting notes. That said, I also prefer to buy my pet food based on reviews and ingredients, so I'm not likely to buy full sized products like this.

Tommy received three food samples: Royal Canin, Amore, and Natural Balance.

Of the three, Tommy tried the Amore food which recommends you rehydrate first. I did this, and let me tell you, it looks disgusting, haha. It also took forever to rehydrate so until then it looked kinda like soup. Gross. Also, turns out Tommy wasn't a fan. He usually likes the occasional wet food but in this case he turned up his nose. I think he might have liked it better dry. The other two samples I might try, or I might add them to our emergency bag. Not sure if it's good to have food your pet has never tried set away for emergencies, but the portions are very handy...

The MeriMice wool felted toy is super cool. It's all natural and hand felted and I think pretty adorable. Tommy seemed to enjoy getting his nails into it, but I did notice red fuzz on my carpet after. 
The Nip-Stick is a bit weird. Inside it looks just like a regular glue stick and is the same texture and consistency. I tried putting it on his cat tree but it didn't come out well on the shaggy carpet and ended up with hair and carpet fibers stuck all over the top. I also tried rubbing some on his paws and he was just like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING". That being said, he was pretty wild eyed and crazy so maybe it worked...

Also, you might notice in the above picture little grains all over. This is the evidence I have that Meow Box actually does line their boxes with catnip. I'm on to you guys.
OK, these are hilarious. Kitty Pucks. When I opened this item I immediately assumed it was some kind of joke because I'm Canadian, but then I realized it's made in America. How come we didn't think of this first Canada? These little cardboard pucks are also catnip scented and Tommy loved batting them around the kitchen. We have to make sure to pick them up though, or Lola might make them a snack.
And lastly, this months box contained this adorable extra item, a cutely coloured cat bell to add to Tommy's collar. It's too bad he doesn't actually wear a collar. I've been thinking about trying to put it back on him (he wore it a little as a kitten but could always get it off somehow and hide it), but I'm worried that with the way he and Lola play, she might try tugging on it and choke him. That being said, if we're ever having a party that involves going in and out of the house a lot, I think it would be a great idea to have his collar on him with this little bell and his tags. Just in case he slips out.

Another very successful Meow Box, Tommy is a big fan.

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