Tuesday, June 3

May in Review and June on the Horizon

Holy moly, how did June get here already? Something funky's going on with the rotation of the earth and time must have sped up. Only explanation.

Perhaps this phenomenon has something to do with the fact that I'm getting married in a month and a half, I wish upon all wishes that I could show you the pictures from my dress fittings! The dress looks amazing and I can't wait to wear it already ('cause that's why we have weddings, AMIRITE?).

People have started to ask me if I'm stressed yet and to be absolutely honest I haven't felt all that much stress throughout this whole process, definitely a little, haha, but not much. I'm feeling joyful and excited about marrying the man of my dreams and just getting on with it already. Wishing just a little we had gone even smaller then we did and simpler. When we started out, simple was our goal and we ended up complicating things for ourselves. Oh well, lessons learned, I'm very grateful we're almost done and just a little terrified that everything will dramatically fall apart at the last minute.

 This past weekend was a particularly lovely one. On Saturday we spent some time with Nicks parents doing yard work, the puppy's got a good play and then Nick and I went shopping for flowers! When we came home I planted my first little flower boxes. I purchased these metal boxes from IKEA when we were living at the apartment but we never used them. Instead of going over our balcony railing, they now find themselves on our fence in the yard. I love that my flowers are out of Lolas reach, but still beauty up the yard and make it feel like a more loved space.

Lola spent the last two nights at Nicks parents house, and I'm missing her like crazy!

June 1st was my birthday! We made it a special day by spending it at the Zoo with friends and then our favorite burger spot, The Burg, ending with a dramatic (and depressing) episode of Game of Thrones. It was a great day and I can't believe I've just turned 25. Way to make me feel old, universe.

Next weekend is my bridal shower and I'm praying for good weather, and that everyone has a good time. It'll be a little strange I think to see every woman in my life in one place at one time! I don't even know how I'm going to introduce everyone to each other! Good thing I have little Lola to break the ice.

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