Monday, June 30

Little Lola (8) - June Photo Dump

It's probably no surprise to anyone that most of the pictures I take are of my pup, Lola. In fact, we've had a few very eventful, fun weekends this past month and all of the pictures I have to remember them by are of my dog! Haha. SO, here's one big fat Lola photo dump to immortalize June.
 The weekend of the 21st we spent our Saturday at Nicks parents acreage. The puppies played themselves silly, running and chasing balls till they passed out on our laps happy as clams.
In the car on our way to the BBQ

 It was the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. At 10:30 we were still out and about with sun left in the sky so we stopped off at a friends BBQ and despite the presence of a strange cat and a lot of people she had never met Lola still passed out on Nicks lap and, of course, in doing so she won over everyone's hearts. ;)
 Sunday we participated in Pets in The Park, put on by the Edmonton Humane Society. We really enjoyed all the agility games and such for the puppies, Lola loved the frozen yogurt, and we also walked the 2.5K fun walk sponsored by our pet insurer, Pet Plan.
 All the sun and abundance of treats didn't seem to agree with poor little Lola, haha. She spent the next day a bit under the weather, sleeping off all the excitement.
 This passed weekend Nick was away for his bachelor party weekend so Lola and I were on our own! We missed him very much Friday night.
 Saturday we had an adventure, we walked all the way to the Grand Trunk Off-Leash park and Lola got to meet some new puppies and I got to hang out with a friend and her pup! After, we walked back to my place and played video games while the pups slept off the long walk. It was precious.
Is that Bandana killing anyone else as much as it is me? I'm trying to get her used to wearing one so she doesn't try ripping off the one I bought her for the wedding. ;)

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