Tuesday, June 17

Bridal Shower

The weekend before last was my bridal shower and we couldn't have been more blessed with a 24 stop to the rain for a backyard garden party.

April, my sister, and my mum set everything up, did the decor and organized the games and food. Thanks ladies! Everyone brought tasty vittles and despite having specified gifts were not required I was completely blessed by many lovely goodies! Nick and I are definitely set for backyard and BBQ accessories and yummy BBQ rubs!

My good friend Amy took these outfit pics for me. I felt oftly pretty in this French Connection dress from ASOS and the flower headband is by WhichGoose on Etsy. Nick said to me when I was getting ready "you look like a bride!". He's a sweety. ;)

French Connection dress from ASOS, Birkenstocks from Modcloth, Whichgoose headband, nailpolish from my May Wantable Makeup box

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