Monday, June 2

At the Farm

With the wedding approaching, we did some much needed gardening last weekend at Nicks family 'farm'. That's what we call it, but it's more of a small acreage. Nick, his mum and I all raked furiously at the ceremony site while these two little ragamuffins played with each other in the shade. Nicks mum has a handy little yard stake she ties them to and they run around but are kept safe from wandering. Lolas recall is pretty good, I was thinking she would be OK to run around untethered, but it's better safe then sorry and little Molly would be pretty jealous (she's a runner). It was pretty warm so after awhile we brought out the sprinkler to cool the girls off. Lola is so gung-ho she was immediately soaked, and Molly somehow remained fairly dry! Lola was not so much a fan of the sprinkler.

It looks like there will be a couple of weekends of yard work in our future, but we are so so thankful to Nicks parents for letting us get married in their front yard, and so so thankful that we even have that opportunity! When Nick and I started talking about marriage we both had a huge desire to be married outdoors, but until Nicks parents moved to The Farm, there weren't many options for us.

In my heart, I was longing for my grandparents acreage where we spent our holidays and weekends growing up. My grandparents had this huge grassy lawn with trails and benches and flowers. They had a beautiful garden and my grandpa would spend a lot of time happily riding his mower, even when he had very little mobility left.When my grandparents passed away we lost our connection to that beautiful place and in a small way, having this huge grassy property in the family and being married there makes me feel closer to my grandparents and that time in our lives, even though it's far away. We're happy that we can immortalize this joyful place in the pictures and memories from our wedding.


  1. Those photos of your puppies are just perfect. Their faces are the sweetest.

  2. And that acreage looks stunning! Wow!


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