Tuesday, June 10

25th Birthday

Anthropologie dress, Birkenstocks and bag from Modcloth,
June marks the beginning of Birthday shenanigans. This year my birthday, June 1st, fell on a Sunday so the bunch of us headed to the traditional spot, the Edmonton Valley Zoo, to celebrate. When I was a wee child we would frequently take the birthday bash to the Zoo, and the year Nick and I met he had tickets to a concert and bailed so he could come to the Zoo for my birthday. How's that for courtship. It seemed fitting that a month before our wedding we should spend some time in the place it all began!

I was flabergasted by how much has changed (For the better) since I was last at the zoo some three to five years ago. Man, those seals got a serious upgrade and I am happy for them. They used to live in a tiny swimming pool (no one ever claimed the Edmonton Valley Zoo is a particularly good Zoo) but times are a changing and after an injection of much needed funds the Zoo is really turning everything around. I felt much better seeing the improvements! Happier Animals makes for a better Zoo experience for everyone!
 After the Zoo we headed to The Burg for burgers, cocktails and a little Game of Thrones. The Burg has pretty much monopolized our business since they started showing GOT every Sunday, I got to say, we would probably have saved some money over the last few months by just signing up for HBO, haha. We don't mind though, the people and the food are always wonderful! It's also kinda great to have an excuse to venture downtown and see our friends! I was super appreciative of everyone who came out on my birthday to celebrate and have a good time!

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