Monday, May 5

Wantable Intimates: April 2014

This is my third box from Wantable Intimates and despite a slightly less impressive showing, it's still my favorite box to recieve! Something about new undies and socks and PJ's is just the best.

I don't have a proper first look of the box for you because Nick brought in the mail that day and I didn't realize the box had arrived until well after the days light had dissipated. Of course I was too excited to open the box to wait until a prime picture taking opportunity!

The first thing I pulled out of the box were these adorable gold socks. They have a little ruffle around the top and in person they do look truly gold. I actually love these. I love wearing socks like these with boots, booties, and even closed toed high heels. Because they're gold I immediately thought of wearing them to my rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. ;)
Next, a series of tank tops! The pink one was an extra large for some reason, and the other two larges. The larges fit me much better, but I can make the pink one a PJ top only so I'm not bothered. In order of expensiveness here they are:

And all together now. I love the fun spring colours here, and the grey is a wonderful neutral. I'm glad they included it.

I have to admit that after pulling our three tank tops in a row I was a little disappointed that's all my box seemed to hold. I could have done with one tank or even two, but three seemed a little overkill. That being said, after taking a look at my product card I realized that one of the items was actually missing! My box was supposed to also contain a thong from Honeydew, but that item was absent. I was disappointed by this especially because the thong was one of the higher valued items in the box.

I sent an email to customer support and quickly received a response letting me know a replacement item was being sent. I'm very happy with the quality and responsiveness of the customer support.

(Notice the total value of the box is over sixty dollars when including the missing item, not bad!) 

PS. I was the winner of the Wantable subscription box giveaway at Girl Meets Box! I chose to get a makeup box, since the Wantable makeup box is my favorite of all the beauty boxes I've tried, and I haven't bought a subscription to it yet (I purchased it as a one time purchase just to give it a try). I cannot even explain how user friendly and intelligent their system was for redeeming the gift, so cool! I love Wantable!

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