Friday, May 9

Sample Source: Spring 2014

 Before my subscription box habit took off, I had been subscribed to Sample Source for a couple of years already. I never really considered it to be a subscription box until I had some under my belt to compare to. Turns out, the products you get can be pretty similar! Best of all, Sample Source is for Canadians and is 100% free. You don't even need to pay shipping!

Above is the first look once I dumped out the contents of the package. Lots of goodies!

One of my favorite things to receive from Sample source are cleaning samples. Grown up much? I love trying new products. This is how I found out about how nice Downy's 'unstoppables' are. Mmmmm. My towels smell so good now...

This time I received Snuggle scent boosters for the dryer and Sunlight oxi action dishwasher packs.
 Next, I received a bunch of samples from frizz ease. Excited to try some of these. I tried the brand years ago and wasn't a fan but things change!

Also, Jergens three days to glow moisturizer. This is what I mean by Sample Source being on par with a paid subscription box, I've already gotten this exact same sample in my Beauty Box 5. I've tried it now and I can say confidently that it works! Haha. Both samples I've received of this product are 'medium to tan' and a bit too dark for me, I experienced some streaking, but it definitely works!
 Also, John Frieda Brunette shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and some Burts Bee's. Love it.
 Now this is the best part of the package! Food treats! I've never received food items before, and although I've never subscribed to a food box before, I've seen reviews for some and I would definitely say these 4 samples are on par with any food subscription service. I loved the Twistos as a work snack, kinda liked the granola bar, and of course, Nick and I loved the chocolate. Haven't tried the granola yet.

If you want to sign up for Sample Source I will remind you that it is 100% free!

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