Wednesday, May 28

Outfit at the Dog Park

Remember when I said I had an outfit post in the works! Here it is! Haha. This last week we were without my laptop at home and I couldn't edit any pictures, so last night with my trusty laptop in hand I readied a whole host of posts for the blog. I think I have some 10 or so posts in my drafts folder.

I have a ton of pictures from this venture to the puppy park. Lola gets her own post all to herself, she was at her photogenic best. We stopped at Safeway and picked up some sandwiches from the deli then headed out to the Lacombe Lake dog park in St. Albert. They have picnic tables on one side of the little lake, so we ate our dinner then played with Lola for a couple hours. She just runs and runs and runs and runs, a white and tan blur from one side of the park to the other. All the other puppies know not to get in the way of her and her ball! Haha.

This shirt is my new favorite wardrobe stable. I picked it up from winners for a steal, but the brand is Jones New York. The collar is the best part, it's thick and stabilized so it doesn't wrinkle.  How awesome is that? I've been wearing it with everything lately. With this outfit I was going for a kinda monochromatic look. Black white and blue. I was super comfortable and the bicycle shorts made it practical for the puppy park.

Whitepepper dress from ASOS, Smart Set Bicycle shorts, KEDs shoes, Jones New York check top, Modcloth wired hair band, Everlane Reverse Denim backpack.

Photos edited with actions from A Beautiful Mess (Imogen and Maude).

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