Tuesday, May 6

Met Gala 2014: Best Dressed

Man, when I saw the photos from the red carpet for this years Met Gala I actually had to do a double take, like, what year is this from? There was some serious retro, throw back style going on. And not in a good way. Of course this space is for building up, not tearing down so instead of the worst dressed (there's a lot of them) here are the best dressed (there's some serious goodness going on too).

First, Jay and Bey are the King and Queen and absolutely kill it. They are both wearing Givenchy Couture. That is all.

Next, Anne Hathaway looks divine in what is obviously Calvin Klein Collection. I don't know if you could possibly look at this dress and think anything other then Calvin Klein. It's simple, gorgeous, and also trendy (hello crop top cut out!).
Speaking of trendy crop tops, I think Emma Stone kills it dead in a label I have never heard of called Thakoon. I love the different shades of pink with her fresh peachy makeup and red hair! Check out the lining of the skirt!!
 And the best dressed (in my opinion) of the whole event is H
Hailee Steinfeld in a Prabal Gurung dress. I Can hardly believe my eyes really, in my mind she's so young! She's a baby (she's only 17 you guys)! She looks absolutely stunning and grown up in this illusion hour glass dress. The silhouette is amazing, and the lining of the dress matches her shoes -- that is some seriously understated whimsy. Love it. Can't wait to see what comes next from this girl!

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