Monday, May 26

Dog Days of Summer

 This past weekend was a glorious one. I swear I'll have something other then weekend updates soon, in fact, I've got a couple of outfit posts and some more subscription box reviews just waiting for attention on my camera. In the meantime, let me regal you with my weekend affairs.

Saturday was a lazy morning which soon saw us rushing over to Nicks parents to begin our first official work-be. Our wedding ceremony will be taking place on their property and needed a thorough raking to bring it up to wedding-snuff. Lola of course tagged along, and she and her sis Molly had a blast in the sun, wrestling in the grass. Concerned that they might be too hot we brought out the sprinkler later. Lola managed to get soaked and Molly was barely wet, little Lo was not so impressed.

Below: Our ceremony space! 
 Although raking is not my favorite activity ever and I came home with a multitude of mosquito bites, working in the shade with the sun and the heat and the soft breeze was an exhilarating experience. It felt good then, soar now, but I'm looking forward to completing the work next weekend. Lots of flowers to plant and ideas to iron out for the space.
Sunday it rained and rained and stopped only when it mattered, long enough to take Lola for a walk and for the drive home from the restaurant we went to for dinner. We met with our baker (finally!) and got all of our wedding vittles sussed out. That feels pretty good. Today, I've been soaking in the results of the rainy Sunday (and Monday we've been having) oodles and oodles of blossoms and blooms.

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