Wednesday, April 23

Meow Box: April 2014

 Our first MeowBox arrived this week and I was so so happy with it! First look, I love their logo! It's super cute and so so very Tommy like. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the adorable hand written note to Tommy himself! What a cute touch right? It really made me feel like they packaged this up just for little Tom.
Stuck to the pretty tissue paper with one of their little logo stickers were a few feathers! Tommy got right in there and immediately started trying to eat them. It was all I could do to get the above picture, I had to hold him while I took it. You can see the tissue paper is already crinkled and there's wet Tommy mouth marks on it.

Below, Tommy freaking out about a few feathers.
First look at the inside, full of all kinds of goodies!

This is the only picture of the two small catnip toys. Tommy immediately stole them from the box and started freaking out about them. The little pink and purple fish is his favorite. Lola didn't even try to take it away, she just came over all curious and sniffing the air and Tommy hissed at her! Haha, he was very serious about this toy.
I find these Cloud 9 cat treats to be very strangely packaged. Haha. They look just like bubble gum but nowhere on the package are there any bubble gum puns or even an explanation as to why they're packaged that way. I suspected it was to keep each treat fresh? I really don't know. Tommy isn't a huge treat fan, he kinda nibbles them but doesn't go crazy for them. He seemed to be just kinda into these treats so I might give a few packages to other family who have cats.
Also included in the box were two small food samples. I'm not very likely to buy a food just because we received a sample, but we do change up Tommy's food frequently so at least we'll get to use these.
The PureBites treats are ones I've bought Tommy before and he loves. I absolutely love that they're 100% pure chicken, no chemicals, preservatives or anything like that. I feel really good about giving these treats to my cat (and we were almost out! haha).
This I am super exited for as well. It's self grow pet grass! Tommy is an indoor cat so he's always enjoyed eating cat grass when I have it for him. This one grows right out of the bag, just add water. I'm sure he'll love it!
First MeowBox was a resounding success. Tommy really loved getting a few new toys that  his sister isn't allowed to play with. He's going to love the cat grass, and the packaging was very very sweet. I loved that they hand wrote his name inside. I will definitely be continuing my MeowBox subscription!

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