Tuesday, April 1

Loose Button: Spring

This is my second Luxe box from Loose Button and I'm generally pretty happy with them. This box is no exception! I have to say, they consistently have some of the nicest packaging of all the boxes I've subscribed to!

The first couple items in the box seemed to be themed towards skin care which is nice for spring. There was Aveeno hand lotion, some nice little eye pads that can be frozen and placed on the eyes to reduce puffyness, and a very small sample of eye creme. I really am not a fan of samples this small, but eye cream usually goes pretty far. I do really love Kiehl's products.
Next, some nice shampoo and conditioner samples and a set of hair ties. You already know I'm obsessed with this kind of hair tie, I can usually be found wearing one on my wrist (in the nail polish photo below you'll catch a glimpse of one) these are springy and fun, so they'll look nice this summer! You might also know from past reviews I'm not a big fan of shampoo and conditioner samples since I've been sulfate free for a couple years and most samples don't fit those requirements. I'll probably use these for traveling, since I don't mind cheating a little on the road.
Next up, my deluxe  upgrade for this season was the Sothy's dark lip gloss and I've been wearing it pretty much every day since I received it! It's a great colour! I don't love how fast it wears off or the fact that all that colour is highly transferable, but I do love the moisturizing effect. The nail polish is also great, it's very long wearing and the application brush is nicely shaped to deliver an even coat in one swipe.

I had intended to cancel my Luxe box subscription to try something else, but they've recently changed their website to make doing so much more difficult. I hate moves like this, it makes me feel cheated. Of course now they require a phone call and I hate making phone calls so I'll probably leave it for a few more months (sneaky bastards must love people with social phobias).

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