Friday, March 14

Tommy the Kitten (10)

I already mentioned that last week was Mr. Tommy's birthday. Silly kitty turned two years old on March 5th. He's been so funny lately! He's taken to trying to destroy his nemesis -- the shower curtain-- loudly and for hours at a time. I have no idea why. He stands in the tub and tries to scratch it, banging around as he does it. He loves waking me up in the middle of the night by loudly pulling heat vents out of the floor.  I think this is a cry for attention, so I sometimes don't mind getting up  in the night to give him a cuddle. Nick and I have been talking about moving Lola's crate out of the bedroom at night and perhaps into a spare room. This would allow us to open the bedroom door again and let Tommy come and go as he pleases. He might like that.

I'm started calling him "Tom" instead of Tommy a lot. Mr. Tom, I say, how is Mr. Tom? He doesn't seem to mind.

Mr. Tom is a very good brother. He will often sit on the counter and knock things off for Lola to play with. No sooner will I remove something from Lola's reach, that Tommy will be returning it to her. Lola eats his food a lot, which is unfortunate. Does anyone know how to stop this? More training I suppose. When I give Lola bones to eat or other animal bits Tommy will be very curious and sit right next to her very close like "give me a nibble please". Lola has yet to acquiesce.

Their favorite game is chase. Lola had to teach Tommy to play through a series of tag like interactions. Now he knows what she wants when she runs up to him and bops him on the head, then runs away. They stampede in circles around the house and back and forth back and forth back and forth.

Tommy likes to take refuge from Lola in Nicks den while the later is playing on the computer. He nestles next to his dads feet or curls up in the visitors chair.

Strange fact: Tommy is obsessed with root vegetables. If I have a bag of carrots or potatoes on the counter he will appear out of nowhere and start rubbing himself all over the plastic bag or try to fish out a carrot to nibble on. Is this normal?


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