Monday, March 31

The New Dog Bed Saga

Pictured: Her old dog bed, which we thought was the perfect size.
This saga begins with a trip to the pet store.

It was innocent in intent, get out of the house, bring the dog. We wanted her to have an experience being groomed, so she had her nails done and they gave her a thorough brushing to make up for the fact she doesn't like to be brushed at home. Looking pristine, we headed back through the aisles and were promptly distracted by the dog beds. 

Recently Lola had torn a large hole in her dog bed and she had been sleeping on a blanket in the interim. PetSmart had this lovely grey and yellow Kong bed we thought looked pretty tough so we decided to bring it home. It's awfully large, but when placed in front of her in the store she had taken to it immediately, showing us her down very proudly in its center.
The thing barely fit in the back seat of the car, in fact it took up the back seat in its entirety.  Surprising us with her enthusiasm she immediately jumped into the back seat, onto her bed and lay down. I attached her seat belt and as soon as the car started to move she fell asleep!

Once we returned home we were pleasantly surprised to find that the giant bed fits perfectly in between the kitchen cabinets at the back of our kitchen. The intent when we were remodeling this area was to create a breakfast nook with these cabinets and a few counter stools, well, then we got a dog and it became a space out of the way that we could put Lolas belongings. Now, it comfortably holds her bed.
 Lola was pretty thrilled. The bed is kinda like a giant pillow/mattress/cloud and she seems to love it. Of course it turns out someone else has also taken a liking to the new bed...

Turns out, it's big enough for two!
Let us not speak of this.
Seriously, every time Lola takes a nap Tommy comes over and naps with her now. Or Tommy will be in the bed and Lola will come over and flop on top of him. It's hilarious. Every time we catch them I have to take a picture, it kills me! I've also caught them wrestling on top of the bed a couple times, it's like two kids jumping on the bed. I die!

Perhaps this is a strange thing to blog about but I want to remember how funny this is for forever. ;p Have you seen the youtube video of cats stealing dog beds? I'm adding my own entry.

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