Wednesday, March 12

One More

Yes, I'm still milking my softly curled fresh from the stylist hair. Not in real life mind you, it's been a couple of weeks already and I promise that I have, in fact, washed my hair since then, but I had one last set of pictures to share which included said hair.

ALSO, newest Everlane purchase making its blog debut! In these photos I'm wearing the Seed Stitch U-Neck sweater in Birch.I have a bit of a mild Everlane addiction in case you hadn't realized, and although this isn't my favorite of their products, I can attest to the fact that it's light weight, comfortable and fairly flattering. I do find it to be a little sheer, although a darker colour would probably not be. I struggle a little in what to pair it with in my wardrobe. This skirt, it happens, has stripes that perfectly match the colour of the sweater. So there's that. Also the skirt, it's a fairly new acquisition as well and I wish I had  purchased it back in October. It's seriously seriously warm and made the last couple weeks of minus thirty slightly more bearable.

Speaking of minus thirty, the title of this post is in reference to the fact that from this point onward I am considering it to be Spring time. This is  my last winter outfit. I have vacuum packed my parka and banished my winter clothes and the heaviest jacket in my closet is my leather one. I am breaking out the light weight dresses, dusting off my shaving cream and razor, and embracing denim and lace and chiffon.

In other news, Lola is the cutest photo bomber ever. ;)

Cutest photo bomb!

Seed Stitch Sweater Everlane, ASOS skirt socks and tank, Express boots

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