Wednesday, March 19


I wore this outfit last weekend on a lazy, oh so warm Saturday afternoon during which we ventured far and away to the board game Cafe: Tabletop.

It's this little gem of an idea, and I admit, Nick and I dream about opening a little board game cafe ourselves! Edmonton has responded very well to it, despite the fact it is hidden in an industrial area far from anything even remotely convenient. It's hard to make a trek so far away from our puppy, but the fun we have is worth it!

I have previously worn these overalls last August when we were painting and renovating the house. You might catch a glimpse of some paint on a pant leg and I'm proud to say I intentionally decided these would be cuter with some signs of love like paint splatter. Maybe that's nostalgia over the worn and tattered overalls of my youth. Somehow they look kinda rad when suddenly juxtaposed with a silk blouse in a complimentary colour and a romantic flower crown! I wish I had taken a pic with my leather jacket on as well, because it really completed the look!

It was a good weekend, warm and very very wet as everything finally thaws out and melts away. On Friday it was Pi Day so I made a delicious Apple and Rosemary Pie. I didn't have enough crust to make an entire top, or lattice top, so I wanted to use a cookie cutter to cut shapes for the top of the pie and Lo - our only cookie cutters are shaped like mustaches!

Saturday was the board game cafe, hangouts and in the evening Nick and I saw a band at a wee pub in St. Albert. We're probably going to be hiring them for the wedding, they're called The Last Calls.

We took the puppies to the dog park again on Sunday and this time Lola's sister Molly joined us! Much of the park had melted into one giant lake and the puppies even did some swimming in the sidewalks. Ha! At one point I even had to pick Lola up and carry her through a particularly deep looking/awkward puddle. I'm hoping this weekend things are a little more dried out, but I will come prepared with rubber boots for sure. Of course the wet was far from bothersome for the puppies.

Everlane Silk Blouse in Nude Sunkissed with Round Collar, WhichGoose Flower Crown from Etsy, ASOS Dungarees (plus paint spots by me ;), Clarck heeled Chelsea Boots, Edited with A Beautiful Mess PS Action: Spring

On a somewhat unrelated note, I had an amazing mail day yesterday! Check it out! Two subscription boxes, some wedding stuff, and a new set of Snapstagram prints to refresh my Instagram wall.

Edited with A Beautiful Mess Action: Stella

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