Thursday, March 27

Music: Brandi Carlile

The other day Nick and I are in the car on the way to our last puppy class and on the radio comes an advertisement for an upcoming concert at The Winspear Theater. How did I not know about this? I exclaimed, WE HAVE TO GET TICKETS IMMEDIATELY. And that's when I got on my phone and purchased tickets to see Brandi Carlile with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra next week.

Nick and I have been very privileged to have seen Brandi perform twice before at the Edmonton Folk Festival, and I unabashedly consider her my favorite live performer. Her concerts are my best experiences seeing live music, Brandi is just one of the most humble, sweet women and she is undeniably talented as well. I'll always remember the first time we saw her at the Folk Festival. Sarah Harmer, a bigger name for sure, had just performed before her. During Sarahs performance it had been raining and she had exclaimed several times that she was dry and we were wet and wasn't that funny.  Not really, thanks Sarah Harmer. Next, Brandi takes the stage and the mood changes drastically. Look at you all, you're absolutely beautiful. Wow. She exclaims, I am so blessed to be here. Thank you. That's just how she talks. She won over every single person in the crowd that day.

Anyway, if you're in Edmonton I highly suggest grabbing a ticket for the show.

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