Thursday, February 20

What a Zoo

Having two fur-balls at home has been quite an adjustment for us! The first two months were honestly gosh darn stressful. These days everything has fallen into a somewhat normal rhythm and we're understanding them better, and ourselves. Lola behaves better when she's tired. She needs to have regular puppy play dates and walks and play sessions if we want to enjoy those quiet moments in front of the TV with a sweet puppy snoring at our feet. Tommy doesn't care much about anything as long as he's fed. Haha. He's been amazingly easy going with sweet Lola girl, they take turns playing, take turns instigating. He's been more tolerant of us too, he lets me clips his nails now like "this is no big deal".

We still feel incredibly guilty whenever we leave the house. We hate leaving Lola in her crate all day but it's a necessity when you work full time. The worst is if we want to then see a movie in the evening or heaven forbid, go out for dinner. Luckily, my Mum gets a real kick out of Lola's antics, she happily will spend a couple hours with Lola in the afternoon if we want to go out at night. I cannot even begin to describe how much I appreciate this. It means a lot to us all.  Last week we were able to go out with friends to see The Lego Movie on a weeknight. We all had an absolute blast and I was giddy as a kid again.

All this of course makes a perfect distraction from wedding planning, which I honestly haven't been doing a lot of. At six months out it seems like we're too far off to plan certain things, and yet deadlines are barreling towards us. My dress comes in in April so I'm looking forward to that, all the little details are starting to blur together but I want to take time to start some projects and document some purchases soon.

Anyway, all that to say here are some pictures I took on the long weekend of me in a cat sweater. The fur-balls photo bombed and I liked it. Also, it turns out my new living room is a good a place as anywhere to take outfit photos. Last time I tried outside my camera remote froze to death, so I'm playing it safe until the snow starts to melt and taking pics inside just so it gets done! That being said, I think my focus wall in the living room makes a pretty good backdrop, if only I could remember to level the tripod. ;)

ASOS denim jersey dress, H&M leggings, gifted socks, Clarks Chelsea boots from Sears, SheInside Cat Sweater

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