Friday, February 28

Well That Escalated Quickly

Tomorrow it will be the first of March.

How weird is that? 
January: A sometimes frosty, sometimes melty month. Lots of vet visits, Mass Effect, lost teeth, being stuck in alleyways and I got to try Five Guys Burgers for the first time.

I knew already January 1st that this year was going to fly by -- it had been soaring past at a breakneck speed since Lola came home with us in November 2013 -- but I don't think I anticipated just how quickly things would come to pass. Something about planning a wedding, puppy training and rearing, try to see as much of your friends and family as possible -- something about all that makes it seem like just yesterday I was laying out my goals for the coming year.

If you've forgotten (I almost have) my New Years resolution this year was to keep up with monthly goals and try and keep my productivity high.

For February my goals were to:
  • Start obedience training with Lola
  • Clean the house top to bottom 
  • Take three sets of outfit photos (minimum)(I did five you guys! That still seems pathetic for an entire month, but it's way better than January's one outfit.)
  • Start Yoga classes with a friend 
  • Hound my caterer for a final quote (wedding business)  
That's right, I crossed two items off my list. That being said, I'm still proud. I start Yoga on Monday, I've done some cleaning this month but the house is of course dirty again, and I haven't heard peep from my caterer. 
February: Lots and lots of puppy play dates with Lolas little sister Molly, Family portraits, video games, and a hair cut. Also Valentines day happened. Haha.
For March I'm resolving to:
  • Stay on track with all of  my puppy obedience training and always do my homework with Lola in between classes. 
  • Take her for more walks. 
  • Post a minimum of three outfit photos. 
  • Hire a wedding planner goshdarnit I do not need extra stress in my life and I've realized that that is totally worth a couple grand to me.
  • Do Yoga at least twice a week for four weeks.
  • Keep the house kinda clean. Lets shoot for basics here.

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