Wednesday, February 19

Wantable Intimates: February 2014

I mentioned last week that I had ordered a new subscription box, Wantable Intimates. Let's be real, I like makeup fine and all but I am much more excited about items that I can wear! A few basic pieces like cami's, socks, and leggings can really add a lot to a persons wardrobe, so I was stoked about this box.

Well, despite having just placed my order one week ago, my February box arrived yesterday! I have to say, so far my experience with Wantable has been amazing. They sent me a shipping notice for my box right away with tracking info, and they emailed me to tell me it had been successfully delivered to my home while I was at work! Talk about getting me excited to go home. ;)

When I laid eyes on the box I was immediately shocked by it's diminutive size! Seriously, it's tiny. You can see it in the pic below with Tommy, this box is smaller than my cat. Concerned at first, I was pleasantly surprised to find the box like the Tardis -- bigger on the inside. 

The first thing in the box was the product info, some info cards for Wantable, and this awesome belly band welcoming me to the fold.

Tommy investigates in the middle of my 'product shoot'
The first item I removed from the box was this adorable pink romper made of the softest material. It's the perfect fit and as a romper fan, I had actually been in the market for romper PJ's for a while! I was absolutely stoked by this item! There was a product tag attached stating the retail price of the romper as $36, considering I paid $36 for the box I was pretty pleased by this value. I wore this to bed and it was super comfortable and I felt really cute! (PS. the model on the website is wearing my romper! It's famous!)

Also in the box were a pair of organic cotton tights by PACT (which retail for $20, bringing the boxes value to over $50), a super comfortable sports bra in the softest shade of mint, and a set of bra clips for easily converting your bra straps depending on your chosen top. Brilliant. When I was setting up my subscription I filled out an extensive survey and chose "no brights" in my box, since I prefer my intimates to be basic, so I was very pleased by the soft pastels and easy to wear navy blue in this box.

Firstly, as a person who is interested in purchasing ethical clothing, I was really excited about PACT. The packaging states "No pesticides, sweatshops, nasty stuff" and the information on the website claims that the brand supports fair-trade, small farms and businesses. This is a brand I can see myself seeking out in the future for these kinds of basics. They sell some great leggings I'm very interested in as well.

I'm also super happy with the sports bra, I think it will look adorable layered with a tank top, and it's actually really supportive guys (TMI?).

EDIT: The sports bra in my box is actually the "Ahh bra", which retails for 9.99 (bringing the boxes value to over $60). I'm super glad it arrived in adorable mint and not the nude colour.
So far my experience with Wantable Intimates has been awesome and I can't wait to see what arrives next month! I only wish I didn't  have to wait to find out...

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