Friday, February 14

Valentines Day Look

I'm thinking something a little less literal for Valentines day this year. It's still ungodly cold so some cozy cords in a festive hue will keep your legs warm, and paired with some lace they'll seem a little more romantic. Keep cozy and don a waterfall blazer and some edgy Chelsea boots and jewelry. This is the year to debut your leather accessories, I know I'll be wearing a leather jacket with whatever else in my wardrobe.

Valentines Day

V-day is a low key holiday at our house, it's usually the one night a year Nick will find a recipe and cook for me! He claims to be a terrible cook but the truth is he's a not very motivated cook. Haha, on Valentines day he'll whip out chicken cordon bleu, trifles and home cooked pasta!

Valentines day is the gateway to a long weekend here in Alberta where we'll be celebrating Family Day on Monday! We plan on spending the weekend with family. I don't know if I've mentioned before that Nicks parents have a little puppy, Molly, who is one of Lola's littermates, they're the cutest when we get together. They'll run and play for hours and hours and never seem to get tired. The weather's supposed to be a little warmer here, so I can't wait to spend time outside on their farm with the puppies!

 Happy Valentines day my lovelies!

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