Thursday, February 6

Swept Away

 So I'm finally getting around to posting about the awesomeness that was Swept Bridal Boutique. I attended this event a couple of weekends ago in YEG, and I could not have been more excited! You may recall this post, where I shared the wonderful mail out I received after purchasing my tickets! I knew this event was going to be different from some of the other bridal events I had so far experienced, and I was not disappointed.
After being welcomed by greeters, live music and complimentary champagne, my mother, sister, Nick and I all perused the four rooms that the days vendors had been separated into: Inspiration, Beauty, Sweets and the Grooms room. All of these photos are from the inspiration room and I'm kicking myself for not taking any pics in the grooms room!

Nick had been dutifully following us around without so much as making a sound when we finally located the grooms room, inside we were greeted by a free beer tasting from the Alley Kat Brewery (one of our favorites), chips and dip, and a cozy sofa space with Star Wars playing on TV! How cool is that? In the corner The Mensroom was giving complimentary beard trims and hair cuts! It just so happened that Nick had been supposed to get a hair cut just the previous day, and we had had to cancel because of being stuck in our back alley for three hours (spring thaw wreaks havoc on our snowy roads!). It was like the stars aligned so that Nick could look like slightly less of a hillbilly. He got a free hair cut, made friends with everyone in the room and because we had to hang around for awhile for him to finish we were there when the sweets room opened their tables for people to start devouring the displays! Haha, a bridal miracle! We got to try cakes, cookies, squares, and more! We were pretty happy people let me tell ya.

 A lot of my vendors and planning are already in the bag, but I did take away a few fun things from the experience. Nick will probably go back to The Mensroom for his wedding hair and beard trims, I discovered that I love all of the weird juices from Glow Juicery (I was worried about the more vegetable heavy ones, but they're all delicious!) so I'll be trying some of their cleanses before the wedding, and we decided on limewash chivari chairs for the ceremony (shown below) so it was an exciting day!

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