Monday, February 10

Subscription Boxes

Last year for my sisters birthday I purchased her a six month subscription to Loose Button Luxe Box. Of course, when her subscription ended, I decided to carry on the service... for myself. Sneaky bugger I know. It just looked like so much fun!

I received my first box, the winter 2013 box (I believed I also upgraded it to the LouLou box), with much glee and merriment. I love the packaging of the box, which can easily be re-used.

Here's a snapshot of the products I received:
Out of all these products, only the LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm and the Complexion Enhancer were full sized products, but the perfume, nail polish, hand cream and facial moisturizer were generous enough samples I can easily tell that I'll be hooked on them (or will use them so infrequently I will not need to purchase full sized, as with the perfume).

Favorites: The gloss balm from Covergirl is exactly what I was craving, I love the bold colour (which is a little sheer does feel moisturizing). My second favorite item was the Kiel's face moisturizer. I have never committed to a moisturizer, am always trying something different, but this one I've been using ever since (still more than half full) and I know I'll want to buy the full size. It has a light, easily absorbed texture and I use it during the day under my makeup. The nail polish is long lasting and a fun colour I didn't already have kicking around, and hand cream, one can never have enough hand cream.

Neutral: I'm not really a perfume person so I'm glad the sample was small. It is nice to have for date nights and the scent is fine, not amazing, but not bad. Hair product samples aren't generally much help to me, as I have so much hair each sample will only be good for a couple uses which is not enough time to know if I've magically fixed my split ends, plus, since I'm sulfate free I may not be able to use the conditioner. For someone else, these samples might be nice. I've been using the split end repair serum and it seems to go pretty far, but I'm not sure if I'm seeing any results. The lip brush is nice to have, I didn't own one previously.

Not the best: I really didn't end up liking the Complexion Enhancer by No Dark Shadows. I was quite excited to try this product since I had received advanced notice (I was asked to choose between this and a highlighter). I guess I really should have chosen the highlighter from this brand instead. The colour of the concealer was wrong for me, and I hate the applicator. Hate it. You can't cover dark circles or pigmentation issues with this harsh little brush, I need to express the product through the brush and onto a sponge to blend it properly.

Overall I was super excited by this box and it kinda got me hooked on subscription boxes, I've already signed up for an additional two boxes and renewed my Luxe Box subscription (they won me over with the beautiful looking spring upgrade box!).

In the next few months I can look forward to the Luxe Spring Limited Edition box, the February Wantable Intimates Box (fun lounge-wear, leggings, hosiery, undergarments and socks shipped to your door! EEK this sounds amazing!) and the next issue of Beauty Box 5.

If you're interested in any of these services, please consider using the above links, which are my referral links!

I think this shall be a prevailing addiction for some time, but at the moment I'm writing it off as pre-wedding pampering. ;)

PS. I discovered Wantable and Beauty Box 5 through the Canadian Subscription Box Addict and had a great time reading on her blog about all the awesome boxes available for Canadians! If you're living up here in Canada and want help navigating through the often frustrating world of who-ships-to-who check out this blog.

EDIT: Since writing this post I've also come across Girl Meets Box, another Canadian box subscriber with a wealth of helpful reviews.

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