Wednesday, February 26

Soft and Sweet

 I wore this outfit for a casual puppy play date over the weekend! This is my new favorite dress I have to say. I wore it here, layered under a sweater, and it turns out that it layers over things just as easily. The denim is actually a denim jersey, so it's just about the comfiest thing in the world. I layered it over a basic long sleeved shirt from H&M and added this new Zara vest for a little bit of interest (plus it helps to define one's waist just a touch). I've been wearing these socks a lot lately, haha, they serve as the perfect thing to anchor a lighter look like this one! Any chunky sock will do, but this light oatmeal colour matched my vest pretty much perfectly.

Oh, and the hair right? These pics were taken the day after my hair appointment with Katy at Kick hair and body. Katy is a long time friend and all around smart lady, I've been seeing her for my hair since I got engaged. This time around she warmed up my colour quite a bit, and chopped a few inches off for a fresh look! The highlights are still around, but they're much more subtle now, which I'm digging. Katy also set my hair in pin curls and sent me home with softly styled, celebrity curls instead of my usual ringlets! I was pretty impressed! As I say, this is after having slept on them, but they're still looking lovely. I managed to get one more day out of them Monday as well, I was shocked when I brushed my hair and instead of frizzing up my loose curls just got softer and sweeter than before! Definitely gonna have to try the at home DIY version of these pincurls. We'll see how that goes.

Tonight is our first puppy class with little Lola in tow and I have to say I'm a little nervous! We've been practicing our homework with her and she's doing a few things correctly, she's learned the 'drop it' command, she has no problem submitting during our dominating exercises, and she's hand targeting OK, but she's not great at the automatic sit and release! I'm worried she won't behave in a group, or will suddenly forget everything we've ever taught her. Haha. I'm sure she'll be great, I have to remind myself that I'm constantly underestimating her.

Wish us luck!

ASOS jersey denim swing dress, Zara motorcycle vest, ASOS socks, H&M basic long sleeve T, Anthropologie necklace, Clarks Chelsea Boots

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