Monday, February 24

Little Lola (4)

 Give me a shout if you're over all the puppy pics, but I can't help myself. I think I've mentioned that my in-laws adopted one of Lolas litter mates, little Molly, who has the border collie coloring but is a bit smaller than Lola girl, well here are some pics of them together! We had such a good time with these girlies over the long weekend, I'm trying to get them together as much as possible. They really tire eachother out and Lola turns into the sweetest, sleepiest puppy when she comes home.

The girls run around the back yard at breakneck speeds, poor little Molly not quite fast enough to catch her big sister. Lola is definitely the dominant one in this relationship, which is funny since she's one of the most submissive dogs I've ever met! Her legs are sooo much longer than Molly's!

Last week we had our first obedience class, an introduction so the puppies weren't with us, but I'm learning some new techniques for Lola. One of the surprising things I picked up from this lady's methods is that she teaches an 'automatic sit' so she never has to teach the command sit, or stay, because the puppy is trained to sit and stay automatically. Instead, she just teaches a release word which releases the puppy from the sit stay. Lola already knows the command sit, but she certainly doesn't do it automatically. This method is supposed to make puppies calmer when they meet new people, are let out of their crate, and during walks, because they automatically sit when they meet new people or the person their with stops walking. Here's the youtube channel with training videos if you're interested.  We're learning a lot!

I've mentioned once or twice that Lola was sick for a few weeks. She has a sensitive tummy so she's on special food and took some pro-biotics to get her gut healthy, and now she seems perfectly fine! I'll stop here and recommend to everyone, if you don't have pet insurance for your puppy it might be worth looking into. We are insured through Pet Plan and just from this one illness we've filed a claim for over six hundred dollars! That included an emergency vet visit, a scheduled visit, special food, tests for infections, the pro-biotics, and more. We did a lot of research and I found this website very helpful in choosing our pet insurer.

That's the puppy report. Haha, here are some pics from playtime.
All tuckered out after a weekend with her sister.

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