Friday, February 7

Lighter Layers

This is the outfit I wore when we attended Swept Bridal! Poor Nick, he's not exactly a master photog, but he gives it his best shot. Don't try and tell him how to change the camera settings though, dude quickly looses interest.

For this event I wore my newest Everlane Silk Blouse layered under a striped dress from Target. The bag is from Urban Outfitters and I was kinda digging how it matched with my blouse. ;)

At the beginning of January I made it my big goal to make more little goals. Haha, if that makes sense. Big goals can seem daunting and crushing if they're missed, and I have so many little things to get done this year with wedding planning and such, small goals seemed a better fit.

One of my goals for January was to post at least three outfit photos. There was a time when I posted outfits three times a week on the regular! How did I do that? Well, I failed this goal miserably even though it sounded pretty reasonable. Lots of reasons, mostly the fact that my camera remote stopped working! I took it out one day when it was really cold and ever since it hasn't worked at all. It's frustrating since I just purchased this one after having lost my previous remote. Anyway, I'm hoping it's the remote and not my camera that's broken, so I'll be ordering a new one soon.

My other excuse is miss Lola having been sick, and all of the Mass Effect I've been playing. Haha, seriously, all it took was a friend casually mentioning that they were playing ME and that spiraled me into a crazy gamer person nosedive. First, I played all three games from the beginning, then I STARTED THEM AGAIN. This time I've installed Roxio Gaming software on my laptop to record my play-through. I'm starting to feel a little Mass Effected out so I'll probably be returning to regular programming soon.

Days are finally getting longer and there's some light left in the sky when I come home from work, which will make taking outfit pictures much easier once my camera remote arrives. It's a bummer that I don't  have more photos because I have been seriously loving my outfits lately! Oh well, lots of ideas for when I start taking pics again.

As for my other January goals? I did pretty well! Miss Lola had her third round of shots, was spayed, we registered for puppy classes, I finally booked an overdue hair appointment, Lola had several puppy play dates, and I caught up on a lot of laundry! These goals might seem mundane, but my shyness often gets in the way of me making appointments and setting up things like play dates and classes. It feels good to get these things done and over with!

For February I am resolving to:
  • Start obedience training with Lola
  • Clean the house top to bottom 
  • Take three sets of outfit photos (minimum)
  • Start Yoga classes with a friend 
  • Hound my caterer for a final quote (wedding business) 
We'll see how this month shapes up! It's already going too fast! 
HUE leggings, Target dress, Clarks Chelsea boots, Everlane Blouse, Urban Outfitters bag

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