Tuesday, February 25

I'm Blue

 After receiving these tribal print tights in my Wantable February box of course the first thing I wanted to do was to wear them! I reached into my wardrobe looking for a short enough dress to show them off, in a neutral colour/design. Out came my new The WhitePepper dress! I nabbed this dress on sale at ASOS and couldn't be happier. It's undeniably cute, has a 'baby doll' feel and is beautifully made. I love the soft soft chambray denim. Of course, it's pretty cold outside so I also paired the dress with my favorite Everlane silk blouse. I love that every shade of blue is different, and it all goes together to create a fun, monochromatic look.

This is my last outfit post with this hair! Haha, I finally made it back to the salon (I had been putting it off since November) and couldn't be happier. I feel awfully light and airy now! The colour is a little warmer but similar, and we chopped a few inches off which was sorely overdue.

Clarks Chelsea boots, Park tights from Wantable Intimates box, ASOS socks, The Whitepepper dress from ASOS, Everlane silk blouse.

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