Tuesday, February 4

Coming Home

Maybe you know the feeling of having finished a really good book, one that had you enraptured for weeks at a time, day to night, even your dreams. Your thoughts become tangled in the universe, little bits of dialogue float through your head, and music you hear on the radio suddenly reminds you of a character or passage. I get this way about books all the time, but I don't usually get this way about video games.

Just Mass Effect.

Everytime I finish a playthrough I'm bleary eyed and my heart is sore. I'm a pretty big nerd I guess.

Yesterday morning  the alarm went off and one of the songs playing on CKUA caught my attention.

As I closed my eyes I saw the games images playing to the music, I get that way, sometimes I think in music videos. It's a blessing and a curse. Dutifully, I looked up the song and artist and discovered an amazing Canadian talent -- Megan Bonnell, Toronto singer and song writer. Her newest album is on its way to me right now, and I thought I should share her amazing single, Coming Home, which made me think of Shepard. A lot of her other songs on this album also make me think of Sheppard and Mass Effect 3 in particular. If you're a fan of ME, or just of music, I would recommend giving the album Hunt and Chase a listen, you can do so here.

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