Monday, January 13

What April Wore: For a Day of Shopping with the Family

 It's been a super long time since I shared any pics of what April wore! April is my little sister and girl has a slightly different aesthetic than I do, but is loaded with style. Sometimes she's a little bohemian, sometimes she leans more towards coffee shop hipster. I used to occasionally steal pics of her while we waited together for the bus, but times have changed and my we both live on our own now! April recently moved downtown and she's loving it. 

April doesn't like to stand still for pictures, which is a shame, because with her new blonde hair she looks like a serious model!

We met up with my parents and our significant others, downtown at the City Market. Edmonton is lucky to be home to one of the nations best all year farmers markets. During the summer it's so so fun and takes up three or four blocks. In the winter it all fits inside city hall. Outside there's a skating rink and access to every thing out city has to offer, and inside we get to peruse tasty locally made foods and preserves. We picked up some Butter Chicken, naan bread  LONDON FOG flavoured cookies from Bloom Cookies Co. (soo good) and some amazing coconut peanut brittle.

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