Friday, January 31

Upside Downside

HUE leggings, American Eagle sweater, Simons dress, Winners leather jacket
Unintentional blog break alert!

This past Monday we came home to little Lola having been sick in her crate sometime earlier in the day, poor thing had been dirty and uncomfortable all day (I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say Nick threw out her crate pad and bought a new one, and Lola received her first bath) and the night ended with a trip to the emergency vet. Most pet parents probably wouldn't have had to take that step, but we're new to this gig and I wanted to know I was doing my best to make her feel better. It's so frustrating to not know what is wrong, and not know what to do to make your little one feel better. The doctor did some tests, and gave us antibiotics and some special food for upset tummies. I took the next day off work and although she isn't 100% yet, she's been improving since then.

That's not the only thing that's been keeping me busy though, I've also been nourishing my nerdy side the last two weeks re-playing the Mass Effect trilogy. Now that I'm done I'm feeling a little sad, haha, that game gets me right in the feels. 

It's been a busy and weird week so I'm just stopping by with the only photo that turned out from my last outfit shoot to say 'see ya Monday!'

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