Tuesday, January 14

Three Favorite Looks

 Behold, my three favorite looks from this years Golden Globes. Counting down to best dressed, first Zooey Deschanel is always fun and whimsical and she really brought it with her daisy manicure and shimmery Oscar De La Renta two piece style gown with a very slight fishtail (just enough to show off her shoes). Just to be clear however, I could have done without the hair flower.

I have always always always been a huge Julianna Margulies fan. She was my favorite character on ER way back when! She really rocked this gown by Andrew GN. I don't know what that pattern is (coral? sea something?) but it's perfectly simple and stunning in gold.
And Best Dressed? Definitely stunner Lupita Nyongo'o who is always on point and has to be the most beautiful woman I have seen in a long time. She is as flawless and brilliant as ever here in Ralph Lauren. Seriously, she makes me want to gush for hours. Have you read this article about the documentary she made on Albanism in Kenya?

Who was your fav? 

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