Wednesday, January 15


Dear YEG brides, future brides, engaged gals and future engaged gals,

I spent many years getting excited about being engaged and looking forward to doing things like visiting the many bridal shows, meeting with vendors, researching and crafting! This fall I attended my first bridal show and I got to tell ya, it was a kinda disappointing experience.

Firstly, there was no food. NO FOOD AT ALL. In the entire building guys. Anyway, I made the mistake of going for noonish under the presumption that THERE WOULD BE FOOD. Not that I'm hung up on just one thing. All of the normal food vendors in the Agricom were closed (For some reason?) and there were no alternatives. Seriously, with food being the most expensive aspect of a wedding I had expected... something. But I'm over it. Right? Totally over it.

Whilst there I got to see some pretty fun things, like a photo booth in the back of a VW van. That was awesome. But other than that there wasn't much for non WIC options. I also got reamed out by someone for choosing an online gift registry. So.... that was lame.

By gones and all that, fast forward to recieving this in the mail:
 Man, I squeed and instagramed the heck out of it 'cause I was SO excited! Haha. THERE WAS CONFETTI.

Really, you only have to take a look at their website to see that Swept Bridal is going to be a  bit different then your typical bridal show. They've divided up the show into four rooms. One for bridal fashion (which I can just skip! Yay!), one for the groom, one for decor inspiration, and one for SWEETS. The mail out even specifies "get ready to sip champagne". I really appreciate that they're trying to get the grooms involved and interested in planning with things like classy cars, cigars and beer tastings. I also love that they're focusing on smaller local businesses like Poppy and Barley Made to Measure Footwear! I'm totally excited about that.

So, ladies, I recommend buying tickets ASAP as they are pre-order only and there won't be any at the door. I'll also be sure to document this new local venture and let you know how it compared to my WIC bridal experience!

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