Thursday, January 9

Little Lola (3) - Growing Pains

Some might find this a little gross, but I find it incredibly amazing and interesting and can't stop sharing with people. Haha.

Last night little Lola lost two teeth!
I suppose I knew that puppies teeth and lose their baby teeth just like people do, but I never really thought about the possibility of finding little puppy teeth like this one embedded into my wool rug.

Lola tends to cry out in faux-pain when she's startled or if she even thinks she might be hurt, haha, the other day I dropped a sandwich bag with a cookie in it on her (by accident, I don't hurl cookies at my puppy I promise) and she cried like I had stepped on her paw! She's a bit of a drama queen. I was surprised when she lost a tooth and didn't make a peep. I was also surprised she could be teething and obviously have a loose tooth without complaining about it at all! 
 She was shaking her favorite plush ball around vigorously when she suddenly stopped and started looking inquisitively down at the rug. She licked the rug a few times and I saw something there so I swooped in, concerned she had torn something off her toy. There was a small red stain on my rug, blood! For a moment I was super confused and worried and then I saw this little tooth. I hadn't quite been prepared for this moment yet, she was still a puppy, still a small gangly cutie and even though I had already been seeing the signs of a growing pup (seriously, her legs go on for miles) I now had evidence that her puppy-dome was on the wane. That might be a bit over dramatic, she's only five months old, but that's certainly what it felt like to see that little tooth on the floor. In the same  night I collected a second tooth, a canine, and this morning I noticed some blood on her bone which made me think she might have lost, or would soon loose, a third. For now I'm collecting them in a little jar out of curiosity, and a friend who makes jewelry has asked me to donate them to her for a project!
On the phone with my mum last night she commented that puppies are like faster growing human babies, we're going through many similar stages with Lola but she just moves through them so fast! On Tuesday she got her third and final round of immunizations and next Tuesday she's going in for her spay surgery. When we went in to schedule the appointment for surgery, I was thinking it would be in February and they surprised me by wanting to do it much sooner. I was super nervous when Tommy went in for his surgery and I know that the procedure for females is more invasive so I'm very nervous about it again. I'll be taking some time of work to monitor her afterwards, and it's all a little surreal. Pretty soon my little Lola girl will be all grown up, so I'm trying to really treasure her precious puppy stages.

In other puppy development news, Lola now knows her sit, go to bed, wait, down, off,  and no. She hears no pretty often. Haha. We're still working on not jumping up on people! That's her biggest obstacle!

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