Monday, January 6

A Year in Instagrams: 2013

Last year I shared a recap of my year in Instagrams. To me, Instagram is one big time capsule. A little glimpse into what I've been  up to, the pretty and the not as pretty, and it reminds me of the small beautiful moments like the way the light hit my favorite pillow in our old apartment, and the way Tommy curls up right on my chest, cheek to cheek.

You can find last years instagram recap (and favorite moments) here.
Last year I wrote the following:

This year I want to take a new step in our relationship. I want to train our cat not to bite. I want to organize and decorate and keep things clean. I want to remember to do laundry every week. I want to see lots of movies and see the good ones twice. I want to read lots of books. I want to make a point of going away for our anniversary. I want to improve my photography (I bought a new camera for Boxing Day). I want to save more money and spend less week to week. I want to cook more and eat out less. I want to loose a few pounds and be more active. Simple goals for what I hope will be an excellent 12 months. 

2013. You were a seriously awesome, sometimes hectic year.

2013 was the year that I bought a new camera, that I learned how to use a camera, and that I pointed that camera more at the small things in my life that make it matter.

We continued hosting game nights and started hosting board game nights and RPG nights and movie nights and every kind of night imaginable. We took our already good friends and made them all best friends and we plied them with choosey beers, less tacos, and more chilli. I made scones like nobodies business and I used my crockpot once a week for a year.

2013 is the year Nick and I prioritized going away for our anniversary, we went to Seattle, and Nick prioritized me and put a ring on it. We met our dear friend Larry and we had a blast. We walked and we ate and we walked and we ate and we ate then walked some more.

2013 is the year we surprised ourselves completely by up and moving. Honest, we had no idea we were going to do this until mid June and we were in a new place by August. It's funny to see among my resolutions that I wanted to decorate and keep a cleaner house. Our new place gave us the opportunity to not only decorate, but remodel to our taste! We decorated the hell out of 2013 and I want to continue finishing our home in 2014. Guess what? I don't know if it's having more room to stuff the mess, or having more ownership over your home but we've been pretty good at keeping it clean and my vacuum cleaner collects no dust. Laundry on the other hand, is still hit and miss.

We did see some great movies this year: The Hunger Games (Catching Fire), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, About Time, The Great Gatsby, The Wolverine, Pacific Rim, Iron Man Three, World War Z, Mama, and others. About Time I think I did see twice. Pacific Rim too.

I didn't read this year as much as I had intended to. It always gets away from me. Also -- no, haha, we didn't save much money and I haven't lost any weight. This was the year I bought an exercise bike so here's to using it in 2014!

2013 was the year we met our second fur baby, Lola Bear, our little Goldilocks. She stressed us out more than I could have possibly imagined for the first four weeks, but life has settled into normalcy and we wouldn't trade it for the world. Having a little puppy is truly life enriching and through Lola I am happy to say I've conquered some problems with shyness. Having her means always having something to chat about, and I've invited even small acquaintances to my house with their puppies for puppy play dates.  This is one of the best parts. I feel like I've made new friends because of her. She also forces me to use the phone, haha, I might be able to put off calling my own dentist but when it's time for Lola to go to the vet it's my responsibility to make her appointment and get her there.

This year, I'm going to wear a big puffy dress and be the center of attention for the day and I cannot wait for what comes after that's all over. This year I want to begin my marriage with hope, commitment, resolve and determination. This year I want to actually adopt a more active lifestyle, I want to spend more time outside and give my growing puppy the best life possible with lots of fun and lots of activities. I want to take her hiking, camping, my parents cabin, I want to go swimming with her, and take agility classes with her. This year I want to continue growing my relationships, work on new and fledgling friendships and enrich the ones that are already there. This is the year that seven people are going to stand up with Nick and I while we say our vows and I want to make those seven people the most important ones in my life this year, just to show them what they mean to us. I want to keep our home clean, and buy my dream chairs and finally get a new bed frame. And the laundry. I want to do more laundry. This  year I want to travel somewhere awesome for our honeymoon, oh, and not go into debt.

Here's to 2014!

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