Friday, December 13

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I So every year I end up talking about how to stay warm in a world where your eyelashes freeze when you leave the house. Last year around this time I became absolutely mind numbingly obsessed with buying sweaters. This year I have managed to keep to one or two sweater purchases. I bought this kitty face sweater, and this totally awesome plaid coat. I'm going through a bit of a spendy phase since I started holiday shopping (if I can spend that on my sister, I can totally afford to buy myself something... that's how Christmas works right?). Of course, planning for a wedding is pretty good motivation not to spend much on clothes.

I'm still waiting for these jeans to come in the mail, then I'll be on the hunt for a pair of cords. I'm still looking for the perfect pair of riding boots, and I'm thinking some new winter apparel like a hat and mitts are in order. Also also, I might add another sweater from Hello Apparel, or maybe this premium ampersand sweater from UGMONK to my collection.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Don't tell Nick, I might have purchased him a super soft sweater as a way to fill my sweater buying void. Haha.

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