Tuesday, December 17

Little Lola (2)

A few more snaps of little Lola to share with you today. Lola is four and a half months old now, and she's been with us a month and a half.

This last week:
  • We started crating her for the full 8 hours we're at work during the day. This was so so hard for us to do, but she does absolutely fine with it other than being a bit more hyper when we get home. She must be getting used to it because over the weekend she would crash for a few hours in the afternoon and be absolutely dead to the world. Haha, more activity then she's used to.
  • Lola started learning the shake command! She's a really quick learner and teaching her commands helps keep her busy during aforementioned hyper periods. That means she now knows five commands, sit, down, go to bed, off and shake!
  • We took Lola to a HART fundraiser at Pet Smart and she got to meet a lot of new puppies! 
  • Lola also met our friends Lab/Husky cross Evee, even though she's been timid around larger dogs in the past Lola really bonded with Evee, probably because they're closer in age. I was very proud of her for getting in there and starting to play!
  • Lola still has a problem with jumping up and trying to lick/nip peoples faces! Definitely we want to curb that behaviour. 
  • We decided on a training program to enroll in the new year. We're going to try out Sherwood Barks puppy class, since they do 3 months to a year all in one class and Evee and her people might be able to do it with us. 
That's what the littlest Petry/Jewell is up to.  I want to hear all of  your puppy tips/stories!

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