Friday, December 20

Lately Here

Turns out I never really wrote a recap of November, and December is almost on the outs, so I thought before I peace out for the season I would share what's been keeping me on my toes.

Namely, this one.

She keeps us oh so busy.

These last few weeks we've been settling into a new normal with little Lola's addition. We've been really focusing on her development, making sure she meets lots of other puppies and people. We've had many friends over, old and new, and that's been fantastic. I get ten days off work for Christmas so I'm a little nervous that she's gonna burn me out, or I'll get stir crazy being home with her. There's not much I can get done during the day when she's around. That being said, not having her crated during the day will give us more freedom to go out in the evening. That will be nice. I'm also planning on taking outfit pics this week and maybe doing some projects for the blog. We'll see. ;)

I'm getting really excited for January! Things will finally kick into gear for wedding planning as we'll get to meet with our vendors and make some decisions! I can't wait to meet with our baker and find out how many/what kinds of amazing desserts we'll be able to offer (we're doing a dessert only reception, so we want to have a wide variety of treats!).

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