Monday, December 9

Christmas Decor: 2013

This past weekend I unpacked a few boxes of Christmas decor and made the decision to put up our table top tree. We bought this little tree last year to accomodate our first Christmas with a crazy kitten named Tommy. Due to his insistance that everything in the house be chewed on, we only ended up pulling it out Christmas Eve! Tommy is now a year and a half and he's mellowing out a little, so far he hasn't knocked the thing down or eaten it.

At the apartment we had all of one surface on which to display things, never having put up shelves and the bookcases being hidden away in the den, at the new house I feel like this wall with two bookcases and a table are the perfect display area. It almost feels like a mantel. Maybe someday we'll switch out the picture in the middle for a wall mounted fireplace. ;) 
 Last year I spent an entire day making these little red and beige tassels to decorate our mini tree and create a garland. They took a while, but were super easy to make and I absolutely love them. I put up the garland over the window in the dining room, and our little cardboard christmas tree also ended up against the chalkboard wall. It's nice to have a few holiday touches in both rooms.

 Lola has a stocking now! I ended up hanging Lola and Tommy's stockings instead of Nick's and my own. Haha, we're those people.

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