Tuesday, November 5

Winter is Coming

Last year for Chirstmas, Nick gave me this awesome winter jacket from Simons. I wanted something a little more fashionable than my beige parka to wear over dresses, or to work. We had a couple of days last week that were so chilly, I broke this jacket out of the back of the closet and once I had it on I decided it would be good time to take pics of it! I love having a nice coat that makes me feel incredible. I literally strut down the street like a super model in this coat. It's probably ridiculous.

Yep. That's snow in the background. It's melted now, which is nice, but it'll be back soon enough I'm sure. I kinda adore how these pictures turned out, the sun is in the perfect spot. I took these photos right after getting in the door from work. Just a couple weeks ago it seemed I had to wait forever for magic hour to roll around, and it's too bad because I know in a few weeks there won't be any sun left when I arrive at my door!

To survive the commute to work on one of our first super chilly days, I layered my (currently favorite) purple dress over a pair of fleece lined tights, and underneath my warmest (too warm in the office coincidentally, perfect outside) sweater. It just so happened that all three of these pieces are purple. A happy coincidence.

Over the leggings went a pair of knee high socks, and the perfect finishing touch: my new Chelsea boots! I picked these up on sale at Sears last week and am pretty much obsessed with them. I wore them four days in a row to test their comfort, and am happy to report that they are the most comfortable shoes with a heel I have ever worn. I seriously never wear heels, I can't. My toes hurt, my feet beg to be released from their pointy toed prison -- I don't like it. These babies have the perfect block heel and rounded toe.

ASOS dress and knee high socks, fleece lined tights Ebay, Sheinside tribal sweater Shoes from Sears
Jenna from the (local!) blog Smitten wore knee socks over tights in this post, and I immediately saw an opportunity to layer up in the leg wear department for warmth! I hate being cold, and I also hate wearing jeans. Denim tends to freeze and make my legs colder, while leggings, and especially fleece lined leggings, keep me much warmer whilst still wearing my favorite dresses.

I didn't realize until I saw the pictures, but you could hardly see my purple leggings in this outfit! A pity! This combo gave me sexy pinup confidence all day. I kept thinking about how instead of flashes of skin from under my dress, people could see flashes of bright fuchsia! Haha, something about this made me incredibly happy.

And one last picture I took on the way back inside after photo taking, how much for that cat in the window?

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