Monday, November 4

Warby Parker: Winter Collection

Despite having never required glasses myself (when I was a kid I used to wish for poor vision just so I could have a 'unique' defining look) I have long admired the effortless cool of the eye wear designs from Warby Parker. I've seen many of my favorite bloggers don their glasses, and I have tried to convince Nick that he needs a pair (in vain). One of the main reasons I love this company is their one for one policy. Did you know that 90% of the worlds visually impaired live in developing countries? Warby Parker distributes one pair of glasses for every pair purchased to someone who really needs them. Another cool point? Their prices are very reasonable -- so much so, you might need a different pair for each occasion.

When I was contacted to participate in the launch of Warby Parkers new Winter collection, you can understand I was excited! I was provided with some exclusive pictures to peruse, and I wanted to share my favorite picks with you! Personally, I am dying over the two tone frames in the collection! They have several, (the Chamberlain and the Seymour) my absolute favorite being the Tennessee Whiskey Seymour design. They remind me of half moon spectacles, which is never a bad thing. Here are my top three:
Here's one way I would style up these adorable winter frames, with a cute polka dot dress, some cozy accessories like fleece lined leggings and a knitted jumper, and of course, a good  book.

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