Friday, November 1

October in Review

It's been a good month.October was crazy busy, but also more fun than any recent month I can recall. It started with October Fest at Cask and Barrel where the three of us besties drank an entire boot. Those were good times. I participated in an amazing project at work that was massively complicated and time consuming, but more fulfilling than anything I've done so far. I tried on more wedding dresses, I met my wedding photographer face to face (can't wait until I have pics to share!), I found a skull in my beer foam, and we started our first D&D game which I've been enjoying a lot (an excuse to hang out with great people and use my crockpot like crazy!).

Lastly, I have been constantly amazed by the beauty this fall has brought. Something about witnessing the sunrise every morning -- it's breathtaking. I'm glad I can sleep in during the summer months, and still get to see the sunrise come winter. It's making me appreciate the changing seasons, which is not something we do on the regular here in the frozen tundra (or, errr, Alberta). I love it when our fall is mild enough, we can take the time to loiter outside and appreciate the beauty.
This November is looking like another crazy month: possibly bringing home a puppy, picking a wedding dress, the onset of the inevitable winter, did I mention possibly bringing home a puppy? I'm excited and nervous about all the things to come.

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