Tuesday, November 12

November Long Weekend

Man, new puppies are tiring. Really, anything new is tiring.

I remember when we first brought Tommy home, I was alone in the apartment with this little kitten and Nick was working late and my allergies were terrible 'cause I hadn't lived with a cat in months and my body was still adjusting, and I just sat there and cried.

Of course Tommy isn't quite as much work as he was as a tiny kitten, he's mellowed out a little and my allergies went away (seriously, cat allergy sufferers, I recommend getting a cat. LOL. Or don't). We fell into a comfortable rhythm and we all got used to living together.

Adding a new puppy who requires us to take her outside at regular intervals and to train her and to play with her and to socialize her and to get up early to let her out of her crate and to supervise her with her fur brother -- it's all a lot to handle. Nick and I are feeling tired, not gonna lie. Despite that, we are buoyed up the delightful bits of progress -- last night for example, was Lola's first puppy play date and seeing how outrageously happy she was, and how tired she was and ready for bed at ten PM, made us giddy. Seriously, I wish I had taken a picture but she had this ridiculous, ginormous smile on her face with her tongue out and she kept passing out on the floor. Girl had fun. Besides the fun she had, we could see her learning as she played; learning to be submissive, to take play breaks and breathers, learning to play nice. She did awesome, and so did my friends puppy Toby who was energetic and also patient.

Having a cat is great, Tommy cuddles and makes us feel loved. He's funny and makes us laugh, but I gotta tell you, you don't get the rewards of a job well done like you do when you teach your puppy a new trick, or make progress in her training.

Lola is a peach, and we love her to bits.

Nicks parents barn is looking gorgeous in the snow, our engagement pics came in the mail, Sweet Lola, My mum and I checked out silk flowers at Micheals for my bridal crown, my maybe dress.

Other than Lola updates (THIS IS MY LIFE NOW) this long weekend was a productive one: may have found a wedding dress, saw an awesome movie (About Time, so good), hung out with my family and worked on wedding ideas (our engagement pics arrived!),  did some grocery shopping, had a date night with the man away from the fur babies, and oh ya, PUPPY. She is a pro at sitting now, and she's learning her down.

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