Tuesday, November 26

Little Lola

Time to share some more pics of our not-so-little Lola (she's already bigger than Tommy!). This one is a treat, she's so excited and friendly and loves giving kisses. We struggle with her jumping up and nipping noses! She knows her sit, down and my favorite, go to your bed  (her crate, she's grown to love going in her crate because of a special peanut butter crate snack we give her). We are working hard on learning stay, and off. She jumps up on furniture like no bodies business and likes to use the coffee table as a catapult to the sofa. Our house can be quite the circus. She snuffles around outside, digging her head all the way down to the ground under the snow to smell what's under there. Sometimes she comes back with a frozen poopsicle as a gift to me.

She is four months old as of today. Happy four month birthday little bear.

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